A Custom Brass Bed in 3 Steps

114 Queen Complete Natural Brass Location

Your choices when shopping for brass beds can either be underwhelming – too few options for customization – or overwhelming – too many options. Let us help with these 3 easy steps for choosing a new brass bed.

First Things First: Select a Frame

Brass bed from Insta

Header Only

A brass bed with a header is great for our tall customers. This type of header might also be the best choice for a small room – it makes a statement but is not overwhelming. Plus, not having a footboard leaves room for other decorative elements like a bench at the foot of the bed.

Header + Footer

Choosing a brass bed that comes with both a header and footer is a great middle ground – not overwhelming, yet statement making like our Millennium Brass Bed which comes in multiple frame options such as canopy, headboard only, hidden footer, mini footer and open footer.

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Of the three styles, the canopy bed will have the most impact on your space.  A canopy bed is  best in master bedrooms with tall ceilings.

Tip: Make sure you have at least a foot of space between the canopy bed and the ceiling to avoid making the space look too cramped and to leave room to assemble the canopy.

Next: Choose the Style

Centennial Brass Bed
Centennial Brass Bed


We have many vintage-looking brass beds. From ones that evoke vintage hospital beds, to those that harken back to vintage farmhouse style beds. Our Centennial Brass Bed is perfectly minimal and statement making

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While many of our brass beds have straight lines, we offer stand out beds with plenty of curls and swirls!

Finally, Choose the Finish

Now that you’ve chosen the style of your brass bed, we offer versatile finish options to ensure your brass bed matches perfectly your taste and decor. 

Turn of the Century Bed Polished
Turn of the Century Brass Bed

Our polished brass beds are specially polished with a special rouge and polishing machines to ensure they look shiny and new much longer, much like our Turn of the Century Brass Bed above and at the top of the page.

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Our brass beds in a natural finish have an aged appearance with the patina and variations that only time can provide. Our Turn of the Century Brass Bed is shown with both a natural and polished finish.


A satin finish gives your brass bed frame a more matte, muted look.

Fun fact: our metal beds come in 50 different finishes!



Need Design Advice?

One of our advisors can work with you via phone, zoom or email to choose the perfect brass bed for your home.

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