Design Trends to Watch for in 2020

Making Your Home Your Sanctuary

It might sound obvious but after a long day, you want your home to welcome you. It should wrap its arms around you and take the weight of the day off your shoulders. It would be your sanctuary. There is a find line between sloppy and cozy; this trend separates it well. Lush linens, neutral tones, comforting scents all add to the experience. Your space should feel lived in, yet refined. This canopy would make your master the perfect escape. The linen headboard with the soft black finish is simple yet makes a gorgeous design statement. Add a muslin cloth canopy drape and you’re set.


If it seems design always circles back to a neutral palate, you’re not wrong. Bold patterns and colors will always come and go. As fun as they may be, they don’t stand the test of time like a beautiful neutral room. They cleanse the palate when you enter a room; circling back to the home as a sanctuary idea. There seems to be a common theme of balance, relaxation, and relief in many of these trends.

Japanese Influences

Natural materials and simple or geometric forms have a heavy presence in Japanese design. It’s a desire to be at peace with nature within your home opposed to completely blocking it out. With airy geometric forms and natural materials, you do just that. This geometric desk is very structural and geometric but with all the negative space it doesn’t come off as an obstructive piece. Instead, it allows the surrounding area to move through it.

Bringing Nature In

Now you’re catching on to the common theme, aren’t you? Relaxation and peace are heavily present in upcoming home trends. The outside world is busier every day and people are looking for an escape. Getting back to our roots, nature, brings us overall peace. It also makes for a very calm and easy to follow design theme.

Vintage and Modern, Color and Geometry, Industry and Craft

Combining unexpected opposites like, vintage and modern, are becoming more and more prominent. Good news for those of us who inherited grandmothers traditional furniture but prefer a more modern space! For tips on styling antique furniture in a modern space, see our previous blog post about just that. Recently mid-century modern is all the rage. It is antique, of reproduction, but still has a modern feel. Like our Retro Modern bed. Especially in a brassy finish, it’s a modern twist on a traditional metallic. Paired with geometric lines and patterns like on these nightstands or pillows you have the perfect balance. Take it the extra mile by incorporating natural elements like stone table tops.

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