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Our highest quality mattresses do not require a traditional boxspring so we recommend our sturdy “foundations” to provide lifetime support. Innerspring mattresses breathe and sleep 28% cooler than foam mattresses so we add just enough “cool-temperature” foam for comfort. Innerspring mattresses provide superior support all the way to the edges and exceptional long-lasting comfort that pure foam mattresses cannot come close to providing. You have a choice of 3 levels of comfort/firmness and 3 heights for foundations to get the perfect sleeping situation for your unique needs.

Premier Comfort Innerspring Mattress

Available in Pillowtop, Plush, or Firm versions

Layer 1: 

All-white (won’t show any color through sheets and dust ruffles!) extra cushy quilted cover made form cashmere wool (quick drying, comfortable and soft to the touch).

Layer 2: 

Pillowtop: 2” quilted cover with 2” slow-recovery cool-sleeping (Serene) memory foam. 15” high

Plush: 2” quilted cover with 1” slow-recovery cool-sleeping memory foam. 14” high

Firm: no layer 1

Layer 3: 

Premium comfort cutaway
This 2” high-technology quick-recovery high-density Endure polyfoam (not latex) is perforated for body heat release (cool for sleeping) and has a consistent density for uniform firm support and superior resiliency. 100% recyclable, fire retardant (meets Cal. 117 & FMVSS 302) and is non-allergenic. This plush layer has superior compression rating (not only will it give you support, it will last for years).

Firm: 1” quilted cover. No Layer 2 & 3. 12” high

Layer 4: 

Engineered individually-wrapped pocketed 8” high coil system has a Combination Zone technology to produce firmer coils on the edges and hip area (as opposed to continuous coils) for superior comfort and support. Pocketed coils are individually-wrapped to instantly adjust to your sleep movements, conforming yet supporting your body with no “stress points’. This coil system reduces motion transfer so you feel NONE of your partner’s sleep movements during the night. This coil system outperforms foam mattresses with no roll off edge feeling, consistent sleep surface and yet still works with motion bed units.
# coils in queen: 1130
15 year warranty (plush and Pillowtop)

10 year warranty on firm

Made in America (Virginia)
Compatible with motion bed units.

Custom sizes available!

Royalty Flippable Double Sided Mattress

Available in Pillowtop, Plush, or Firm versions

Layer 1: 

Super soft all white (won’t show any color through sheets and dust ruffles!) polyester cover (easy to clean) is quilted for comfort.

Layer 2: 

Pillowtop has 3” quick-recovery high-density polyfoam (not latex), 2” quilted cover. 16” high

Plush has 2” quick-recovery high-density polyfoam (not latex), 2” quilted cover. 14” high

Firm has 2” medium firm high-density polyfoam (not latex), 1.5” quilted cover. 12” high

Layer 3: 

This popular reversible innerspring mattress is made with a novel technology called the Power Edge Coil system. These firm 6” high coils around the edges of the mattress are constructed from 12 3/4 gauge wire and each perimeter coil is hand wrapped with an exclusive material to increase edge support. In addition, a heavy steel rod forms the edges of the mattress to provide permanent support on the edges. So there will be no drooping edges, not ever!

448 coils (Queen) (won’t show any color through sheets and dust ruffles!) (won’t show any color through sheets and dust ruffles!)
Serene Self-Adjusting Comfort Foam has billions of microscopic air capsules to enhance support, reduce pressure points in body, and keep you cooler.
Custom sizes available!
10 year warranty.

Lifetime Foundations: (take the place of a boxspring)

Our wood foundations provide a base-level support that is second to none. Kiln-dried wood to prevent warping. Non-separating upholstery padding. ½” foam. They are made from heavier No. 2 kiln-dried pine (1x4 instead of 1x2), and are guaranteed to hold up for a lifetime (Lifetime warranty). You will never have to replace your foundation again! 
Not compatible with adjustable beds.
Lifetime Warranty
Made in America.
Choose from 9” Regular, 6” or 3 ½” Low Profile
Custom sizes available!
3 Inch Bed Foundation
3 1/2" Bed Foundation
9" Bed Foundation

Trundle Mattress

5” High Low Profile Trundle Mattress:

4” high density foam with 1” memory foam top

7” High Supreme Comfort Trundle Mattress:

1” serene temperature-smart foam, 2” super soft high density poly foam, 3” medium-firm high density poly foam, 1” white quilted cover, 10 year warranty (not reversible)

2” Padded Platform

(eliminates need for foundation or boxspring): “Bunkie Board” available in all sizes. Constructed from No. 2 kiln dried pine. All white Polyester cover.
2inch Bunkie Board Padded Platform

Roll Out Trundle Units

Low Roll Out Trundle Unit

This 39" link spring deck roll-out trundle is designed to provide solid support for sleeping at night while being stored under a daybed during the day. The 2" rollers provide easy mobility. This perimeter and deck have support bars, constructed from 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" angled-steel. Black steel.

Dimensions: 72"Lx38.25"Wx4"H.
Rollout Trundle

Pop-up Trundle Unit

Our spring deck Pop-Up Trundle is spring-loaded to safely "pop" open when needed.  This torsion spring mechanism automatically lifts the unit into the "up" position and locks into place. Dual gravity locks ensure stability when the trundle is in the "up" position and keep it locked closed for storage. 1”x1” cross bars for added support. This Pop-Up Trundle comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Dimensions when closed: 38.5"Wx72"Lx4.5"H
Dimensions when open: 38.5"Wx72"Lx15.25"H

Adjustable Bed Units

Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Put your feet up while watching your favorite TV show or reading that book you’ve been meaning to check out. The 60-degree head incline and 45-degree foot incline on this adjustable motion bed unit allow you full control over your comfort. 3 preset positions help you find instant comfort. The backlit wireless remote helps you conveniently adjust your position as needed and the whisper-quiet motor won’t disrupt your evening. And the 20-year warranty guarantees this Adjustable Bed Base is made of only the best materials.
Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Easy Installation Structures Motion Bed Unit

With head and foot incline, this entry-level adjustable base is a great jumping off point to experience the convenience and health benefits of an adjustable bed base. You can sit up in bed to eat, watch TV, or read, and the ability to adjust positions while you sleep also helps reduce snoring, acid reflux, and sleep apnea. The N150 is so quick and easy to set up it only take two people five minutes from start to finish. This adjustable base fits into most bed frames, can attach to any headboard and the sleek, black finish looks great anywhere.
Easy Installation Structures Motion Bed Unit with Remote
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