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Our highest quality mattresses do not require a traditional box spring so we recommend our sturdy “foundations” to provide lifetime support. Innerspring mattresses breathe and sleep 28% cooler than foam mattresses so we add just enough “cool-temperature” foam for comfort.


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Winndom Mattress

Ultimate Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses provide superior support all the way to the edges with exceptional long-lasting comfort that pure foam mattresses cannot come close to providing. You have a choice of 3 levels of comfort/firmness. With the highest coil count available and cooling foam for comfort, our customers fall in love with this one!

  • 1130 coils in queen  (individually wrapped for minimum motion transfer)
  • 15 year warranty (plush and Pillowtop)
  • 10 year warranty (firm)
  • Made in USA (Virginia)
  • Compatible with motion bed units.
  • Custom Sizes Available
Premier Comfort Mattress with Pillow Top

Layer 1

All-white (won’t show any color through sheets and bedskirt) extra cushy quilted cover made from cashmere wool (quick drying, comfortable and soft to the touch).

Layer 2

  • Pillowtop: 2” quilted cover with 2” slow-recovery cool-sleeping (Serene) memory foam. 15” high
  • Plush: 2” quilted cover with 1” slow-recovery cool-sleeping memory foam. 14” high
  • Firm: no layer 1

Layer 3

This 2” high-technology quick-recovery high-density Endure polyfoam (not latex) is perforated for body heat release (cool for sleeping) and has a consistent density for uniform firm support and superior resiliency. 100% recyclable, fire retardant (meets Cal. 117 & FMVSS 302) and is non-allergenic. This plush layer has superior compression rating (not only will it give you support, it will last for years).

Firm: 1” quilted cover. No Layer 2 & 3. 12” high

Layer 4

  • Engineered individually-wrapped pocketed 8” high coil system has a Combination Zone technology to produce firmer coils on the edges and hip area (as opposed to continuous coils) for superior comfort and support. Pocketed coils are individually-wrapped to instantly adjust to your sleep movements, conforming yet supporting your body with no “stress points’. This coil system reduces motion transfer so you feel NONE of your partner’s sleep movements during the night. This coil system outperforms foam mattresses with no roll off edge feeling. Consistent sleep surface and yet still works with motion bed units.

Winndom Mattress

Berkeley III Flippable Double Sided Mattress

This is the best choice if you want firm edges and the longest lasting firmness. Continuous coils are reinforced with polystyrene to produce firmer support. The unit is further enhanced by 12 3/4″ heavy metal edging rods to prevent edge sagging.

  • 448 coils (Queen) 
  • Serene Self-Adjusting Comfort Foam has billions of microscopic air capsules to enhance support, reduce pressure points and keeps you cooler.
  • Custom sizes available!

Layer 1

Super soft all white (won’t show any color through sheets and dust ruffles!) polyester cover (easy to clean) is quilted for comfort and durability (quilted fabric is more durable).

Layer 2

Deep layers (more than 1″) are less subject to compression

Pillowtop has 3” quick-recovery high-density polyfoam (not latex), 2” quilted cover. 14” high

Plush has 2” quick-recovery high-density polyfoam (not latex), 2” quilted cover. 12” high

Firm has 2” medium firm high-density polyfoam (not latex), 1.5” quilted cover. 11” high

Layer 3

This popular reversible innerspring mattress is made with a novel technology called the Power Edge Coil system. These firm 6” high coils around the edges of the mattress are constructed from 12 3/4 gauge wire and each perimeter coil is hand wrapped with an exclusive material to increase edge support. In addition, a heavy steel rod forms the edges of the mattress to provide permanent support on the edges. So there will be no drooping edges, not ever!


10 year warranty on defects in material or workmanship as long as used with our foundation and no signs of abuse, misuse or unsanitary conditions. Defects will be repaired or replaced at no cost except for transportation. Stains do void this warranty so we recommend the use of a mattress pad. For the longest life on this mattress, we recommend turning it over and rotating head and foot once a month for the first 4 months, then once every 6 months.

Westover II Two-Sided Foam Mattress

By popular request, we developed this flippable all foam mattress with all the comfort and durability specs possible. Cooling layers of foam on the top and bottom make this one so popular!

Top & bottom: 1 1/2” cashmere quilting
Build-up top & bottom: 1” serene foam
1” H32 medium firm
5” core: medium firm foam
Total height: 12”
15 yr warranty


We have selected our 2 best sellers which have the best of comfort, durability, and support. The Magnolia is designed for those who want a moderately plush and relaxing sleep system. The Dogwood is designed for those who like firmer support.


The Magnolia

Our luxury, handcrafted mattress is constructed with a precise blend of three different layers of advanced-technology foams. This handcrafted mattress (made in USA) has advanced technology foam and quantum edge coils:

2″ luxurious foam quilted to woven cover: Luxurious quilted foam covered in Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification interwoven with Glacier cooling cover to deliver a comfortable sleeping environment. Next is a chemical-free, non-toxic, non-allergenic, breathable fire retardant material to ensure a safe sleep experience.

2″ cutting edge technology Serene Comfort foam: This superior foam product contours to your body like memory foam, yet is specifically engineered to resist transferring body heat. Using supportive air technology, Serene comfort foam provides pressure point relief for an exceptionally restful sleep experience.

1″ high-density support foam: Ensures the foam layers never shift out of alignment and the superior, completely-recycled, heavy-needled fiber pad adds support and longevity to the mattress.

8″ Quantum Edge coil system, strategically crafted to provide premium support to your hips, back and shoulders and to prevent motion transfer from other sleepers in the bed. This unit also has a firm edge to prevent that roll-0ff feeling.

13″ high

Can be used on adjustable beds!

The Dogwood

Our luxury, handcrafted mattress is constructed with a precise blend of three different layers of advanced-technology foam. The Dogwood was developed specifically for those individuals searching for a moderately firm and supportive sleep system. With reduced levels of cushioning, it still has enough for the ultimate comfort while providing firm support. 


One inch of luxurious foam quilted to a woven top layer that has been certified free from harmful chemicals


1″ cutting-edge technology Serene Comfort foam

2″ layer of high-density supportive foam 

8″ Quantum Edge coil system constructed to eliminate motion transfer

12″ high

Adjustable bed friendly

Mattress Reviews

Tracy, Richmond VA Loved Our Mattress

After a few years of sleeping on a mattress that was actually robbing me of sleep, I found my new sleep aide at Brass Beds of Virginia. I am now sleeping on the best mattress I have ever owned! I love that it's "flippable" which will provide me many years of flexibility, comfort and usage. It's the perfect cocktail for a good night sleep; soft, firm and also a much cooler sleep for me. The customer focus was top notch and it was a bonus that they delivered and set up my new mattress all for a reasonable investment. If you're mattress shopping, I highly recommend you make Brass Beds of Virginia your first stop.