162 King Complete in Manhattan Finish

162 Cottage Iron Bed

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When a customer asked us to tailor the loops on our Scallop bed, we liked it so much that we added the Cottage Iron Bed to our product line. Using vintage cast iron molds, we created this heirloom style metal bed with its soft curves. In mini footboard or regular height footboard, this design brings vintage details to an open architecture style. Available in complete, mini foot, open foot, hidden foot, headboard only or canopy.


BEd Size

Twin , Full , Queen , King , California King

Bed Style


Here are pictures of my "prized possession", my bed from Brass Beds of Virginia. You can see that we purchased it in 1996. I LOVE this bed and I will never, ever replace it. I love that it is made of iron, because it will last forever, and I can pass it down. I love that it is strong, because my kids might have damaged a few mattresses from jumping on them over the years, but they haven't hurt the bed. And I love the design, because it is classic, elegant, and timeless.
Clearly, my cat Lucy loves it too!
I'm a lifelong fan of Brass Beds of Virginia. Best wishes to each of you!

-Sarah, Richmond, VA


Details and Specs


Headboard Height

58 Inches

Footer Height

35 Inches


Cross Bar Diameter

.5 Inch

Spindle Diameter

.375 Inch

Side Post Diameter

1 Inch


* Twin Headboard Height 56″
* Headboard Only Height 54″
* Mini Foot 30″
*Twin Open Foot 33.5″
* King Open Foot 29″
* King Mini Foot: 30″

Finial Styles