Everbrite Spray
Everbrite Spray

Superior Spray Lacquer 12 oz


This Everbrite Aerosol Spray provides a commercial clear coat finish for long-term protection from tarnish, corrosion, and oxidization and keeps your brass and silver looking freshly polished. Formulated especially for metal that gets a lot of handling or abuse like railings, jewelry, sinks, countertops, brass beds or other metal that gets a lot of use, this spray is tough and scratch resistant and helps to reduce fingerprints and smudges on highly polished metal or stainless steel. It is even durable enough for exterior use! We tested all clear finishes (including ProtectaClear and Mohawk) and this was by far superior in terms of smell, drips and application. It is easy to apply (spray on in thin layers). Make sure your brass, silver, etc are properly prepped before using this superior spray (consult our Finishing Kit instructions). With aerosol cans on large areas, it is easy to get thin spots that are not completely protected. Several coats of spray with be necessary. Covers 60 square feet.

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