Dedicated to you


My name is Leanne Hill, my maiden name is Ernst. My Dad is the late Jeffery Ernst.  In 1984, my parents came to your storefront to shop for a crib for their first baby (me). My mother fell in love with a white cast iron crib with brass finishings. My Dad told her it was out of their budget and she would have to pick something more reasonable. They left the store. My Dad later returned, bargaining for the crib with what budget they had and offered to exchange labor in return for the balance. The owner agreed to his terms.  Shortly after, and three months before I was born, my Dad was in a carpentry accident and lost his life, leaving my mom 5 months pregnant. A tragedy. Soon before I was born the owner delivered the cast iron crib to my Mom. I’m not sure that my Dad ever finished the work for him, but he had heard about the accident and wanted my mother to have the crib. Then owner returned several years later with the matching twin bed. I wanted to reach out to tell you that kindness has never been forgotten, and is one of our families greatest stories of kindness.

I am now 35, I used the crib for both of my children. My daughter still sleeps in the twin bed. We will pass this story and the beds down in my family for as long as they last. I noticed the label on the bed today, and I was grateful to find a website that matched. I am not sure of the name of the man who was so kind to my mom all those years ago, but I wanted to reach out incase that person was still the owner. I wanted to thank them from the bottom of my heart. The bed and crib are pretty, but the generosity they bestowed on my family back then was beautiful.  That kindness has lasted a lifetime. Thank you.