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They don't make them like they used to... but we do! ™

Our beds are made to reach a quality standard, not a price point. At Brass Beds of Virginia our attention to detail and craftsmanship results in the production of an heirloom quality bed. If you were to visit our shop, you would see that “hands-on” defines our process. While we do have some equipment to aid key processes, nothing is automated, so the input and effort from our operators is key to achieving the right results. Much of the bending and forming of the small rods, polishing of the brass, pouring and deburring of the castings, welding, assembly, and preparation for powder coating is meticulously performed by the skilled hands of our craftspeople. It is our people, their hands-on workmanship, and dedication to detail that are at the heart of our superb craftsmanship. One measure of our customer satisfaction is the number of customers who return for their second, third and fourth beds. Customers regularly express to us, “the pictures do not come close to capturing the beauty and workmanship this bed exudes”. “After searching for years, we have finally found the bed that we’ve been looking for!”


Brass Beds of Virginia believes in the old fashioned, tried and true method of making metal beds. Our skilled artisans combine the highest quality materials available, traditional craftsmanship, and the most durable modern finishes to craft heirlooms of lasting beauty. Our craftsmen bend the scroll work by hand, forming smooth, gentle curves. Every intersection in a bed's design is fitted with a casting, and each casting is cleaned and filed smooth before the chosen finish is applied. Each bed is the culmination of the craftsman's art.

Iron & Metal Beds

Iron and Steel Beds are bench-made, each piece hand cut, shaped, and tig welded in place, making the headboard and footboard one solid unit. All beds have our exclusive interlocking frame.
Hand Crafted Metal Beds

Brass Beds

Brass Beds are made of solid brass tubing and finials, steel reinforced side posts, and our exclusive cast dovetail joint frame. Each bed is hand welded and assembled. 
Hand Assembled Brass Beds

Interlocking Frame System

From the beginning we have marveled at the ingenuity and simplicity of how Iron Beds were made a hundred years ago...especially how the head and foot were joined. No nuts & bolts...just a friction fit dove-tail joint that assembles and disassembles with the tap of a hammer. Our exclusive cast dovetail joint frame system is not only sturdy but is also easy to assemble and disassemble. It comes standard on all of our beds except Head-Board-Only configurations.

Exclusive interlocking cast iron rail system which means:

Bed Assembly
Interlocking Old Fashion Bed Frame

Your Bed is Made Just For You

Mattress Height and Frame Height
Your bed is handcrafted just for you and as such we can accommodate some modifications, such as frame height, headboard heights, footboard configuration, and final choices for the side posts of select beds. All of our bed sizes have the necessary slats and support legs to exceed the standards required by bedding manufacturer’s warranties. Our beds are available in varying frame heights, the most typical being 8”, 10”, and 12”. Most modern beds today come with an 8” frame. The old, original iron and brass beds were mostly made with a 12” frame. We make these alterations at no extra charge. Other frame heights are available for a minor charge. Some styles (151, 154, etc) cannot be lowered without losing the foot. Because each of our beds is made to order, we can accommodate a frame height suitable for your specifications. Since there are so many bedding options (various mattress thicknesses and box spring profiles) and because each customer has his own preference to overall height, it is important to consider frame height before ordering. The height from the floor to the top of your mattress is determined by adding the combined height of your box spring and mattress to the frame height. (See graphic at left.) For example: If you have 20” of bedding (box spring + mattress) with an 8” frame, the top of your mattress would be twenty-eight inches off the floor. Each customer may have a certain height that they are personally comfortable with. Since the frame is permanent, it is important to establish the frame height when the bed is ordered.

Bed Variations

Beds can come with several footboard options (only available on select styles):

Open Foot

Footboard completely open except for frame and one bar at mattress level.

Wrapped Foot

Extra posts added to foot (and head), connected by arched tubing to the inside.

Bow Foot

Curved ends extend straight out 6” from foot posts to a straight rod.

Arch Foot

A graceful arched footboard extending out 6 ½”-7” (depending on bed size).

Hidden Foot

Feet attached to frame with shortened rails so mattress extends out beyond frame.

Stubbie Foot

Decorative feet extend out from frame with no footboard.


Not only are our Iron beds and Brass beds made in Richmond, Virginia...98% of the raw materials we use to make them are from the United States. Our tubing that is twice as thick as our imitators (16 gauge cold rolled steel tubing and solid bar stock for our iron beds due to its superior strength and finish). Our brass beds are created using 0.040” to 0.050” solid wall brass tubing inside. The result are beds that are still as solid and durable as they were a hundred years ago. This means that you not only have a strong and sturdy bed, but one that is easy to assemble and disassemble. (See our assembly instructions.)

Iron & Metal Beds

Our steel tubing used is cold roll, 14-18 gauge, depending on application. The smaller diameter pieces is cold roll solid bar stock. The angles used in our frames is 3/16” by 1¼” x 1¼” and 3/16” by 1½” x 1½”. The frame is a marriage of the above angles and the cast dovetail connectors. 
Metal Bed Raw Material

Brass Beds

For our Brass Beds we use 0.040 wall solid brass tubing and the bent tops for some bed styles are 0.050 wall. The caps and finials are solid brass stampings and spinnings. We still use the same sturdy materials they were using a 100 years ago.
Raw Brass Piping


Iron & Metal Beds

Our one step, base powder coat finish is electro-statically applied to the bed frame and cured in an oven, resulting in a durable, scratch and chip resistant finish. Thus, the whole bed will be the same color throughout. All powder finishes are non-toxic. The premium, hand applied finishes are available in a two tone look or an all-over patina. Each bed starts with a base powder coat, then the particular premium finish is hand applied by one of our artisans, and once completed, the bed is signed by the artist who finished it.
Metal Bed Finishes

Brass Beds

Our Brass Beds have a natural unlacquered brass finish, so they develop a beautiful patina over time and have no finish problems associated with lacquer. Some customers just let the brass age and appreciate the character of the acquired patina, while others polish as needed. For those who like a bright shiny look, we have found that in most cases, polishing once a year is adequate. Available in polished, antique and natural brass.
Hand Polishing Brass

Finials & Caps

Iron & Metal Finials

We have several different finial options for our Iron and Metal Beds. Each of our finials are hand poured, deburred, and polished.

Hand Made Finials

Finial Styles

Brass Bed Caps

Our Brass Bed Caps and Cannon Balls are solid brass. Our cannon balls and post caps are hand polished and assembled.

Cannon Balls for Brass Bed

Fancy Foot

Add a fancy foot to any of our Brass Bed Frames.
Fancy Foot for Brass Bed

Cap and Cannon Ball Styles

Cannon Ball Options

Iron & Metal Bed Color Options

The premium, hand applied finishes are available in a two tone look or an all-over patina. Each bed starts with a base powder coat, then the particular premium finish is hand applied by one of our artisans, from start to finish, and once completed, the bed is signed by the artist who finished it. The extra hours and attention to detail required for these finishes results in a more sophisticated look as well as a higher cost. Since the premium finishes are applied by hand, each one is unique. However, our artisans do a great job keeping these finishes within acceptable parameters. Some of the premium finishes, if exposed to direct sunlight over time, may experience some fading. (See our Warranty)
Visit Our Color Options Page to See All OptionsBed Finish Colors

Generations Warranty

Bed Frame Generations Warranty
Your bed purchase is GUARANTEED to last for your lifetime and your heirs’. This includes materials and construction. Finishes will age with time and environmental conditions. Abuse or alteration of the product voids warranty. However we have a repair & return policy available should your bed get damaged by accident. In most cases, if you need parts due to damage or loss, we can provide them for you for a nominal cost. If repair is needed, it is the responsibility of the customer to return the bed to BBV. The best way for us to accommodate you with parts or repair is for you to e-mail a picture of your bed and its area of concern, so that we can identify your needs.
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